CRAFT FISH is fish that has been carefully crafted focusing on both deliciousness and safety. These fish, imbued with the passion of their creators, not only represent the future of ingredients in this era but also introduce us to new ways of enjoying food. Bring a special culinary delight to your table. Welcome to the world of CRAFT FISH!

Three Key Principles

CRAFT FISH embodies three key principles:
TASTE: Deliciousness
SAFETY: Ensuring trust and safety
SUSTAINABILITY: Prioritizing long-term sustainability

Products that encompasses these values are what we proudly offer as CRAFT FISH.


Until now, the enjoyment of eating wild caught fish has largely revolved around how to savor what's been caught, but now, new choices are entering the scene.
How we can it cooked and consumed, we image this when raising fishes. In the world of CRAFT FISH, deliciousness is synonymous with the heartfelt efforts of the creators. Through the act of savoring, a bond is created between consumers and producers. CRAFT FISH connects people with people.


We have placed a significant burden on our planet in exchange for prosperity. The great oceans are not always as cleam as we'd like them to be. However, amid this challenge, there are those who produce fish with greater trust and safety by adopting new technologies and innovative farming methods. CRAFT FISH respects these dedicated producers and, in addition, conducts scientific testing to ensure the delivery of safe and secure fish.


The global demand for seafood already greatly surpasses the supply of natural resources. The moral question of what we choose to eat, in order to avoid using up our national resources, is a pressing issue for those of us living in the present. CRAFT FISH prioritizes fish that have a minimal environmental impact. Choosing to consume CRAFT FISH not only results in a more rested ocean but also serves as an action to leave marine resources for the next generation.